Steps to Love course

This is a review of the "Steps to Love" course that is offered to all of our Premier members.

I am really looking forward to holding your hand and getting you into the arms of the person you’re meant to be with. Let's start going over the course.

The first chapter is an overview of the Law of Attraction. Yes, you guys probably have this part down pat but I did want to have just a small overview about the basics of Law of Attraction as well as how it applies to the area of relationships. Some of the things we're going to be talking about and be reviewing in this chapter of the course is "Who is creating?". "Is it me or God?" "I'm talking but the Universe isn't listening." So many times we feel like we are asking and allowing but it's just not coming. We want to address that. We want to look for coincidences and then talk about opening yourself up to possibilities.

In these weekly courses there are going to be some assignments. They should be fun for you and inspiring. We also have some goodies, freebies and free downloads to offer you. That's chapter one.

Chapter two is about defining what you really want. So we spend all of chapter two really taking a look at what it is you want. You know, we feel like we have that down pat and then come to find out what we really know is what we don't want. We know that really well. We need to turn that around and really put a spotlight on what we do want. So we talk about...are you looking for - a partner, a friend or the love of your life? What's really important to you in a relationship? How do you prefer to spend your time? We talk about not getting stuck on the little things, not micro-managing the Universe and going into imagining the one you just can't live without. This is part of chapter two. It's a fun chapter. It's where there's a lot of imagination going on and it's one of my favorites. It's a perfect second chapter.

In the third chapter, we're going to talk about your commitment level. Commit to being committed. Do your actions match your desires? Are you really ready for a partner? How to see if you are ready for a partner and if you're not 100% ready, how to get ready. You know, asking yourself these heartfelt questions. Is there a place for this special person in your life? Would you recognize that person if they knocked on your door? And not by looks but by energy and by who they really are. What messages are you giving to the Universe about being ready or not? We're going to go over all of those in lesson three.

In week four, we're going to talk about what's holding you back. This is an interesting week and an interesting chapter. There's a lot of things in here that you may not have heard of before. We're going to dig deep a little bit in this chapter. We want to set you up for your success so we are going to ask if you need some help with that baggage. We're going to get you to take a look at what's in your life right now and get you to acknowledge that you have manifested all of that. That's a hard one. We're going to hold your hand on that one. Are you taking responsibility for what is in your life and what your past relationships have created? Who is doing your thinking for you? Is it your ego or spirit?

Chapter five is "Do you Believe?". How do you deal with doubt because it's a part of the Law of Attraction that we feel we have a hard time controlling? That doubt just slips in there so easily. It's part of our default mode. We talk about is doubt manifesting in your life? Do your doubts stem from fear? If it's fear, we're going to go take a look at that fear. We're going to wash away some of that fear. We're going to show you some techniques to help you with that. We're going to turn it around and get you to really understand, at a core level, how you deserve everything you desire and you especially deserve love. That's a big one for me. If I had a magic wand and could wave it over everyone of you guys, that's what I would wish for you all - that you know, at a core level, how much you deserve love.

So, onto week number six. Week number six is "Beyond Your Limits: Letting Go of Expectations and Requirements" (learning to go with the flow). I need help with this one myself occasionally. My children helped me learn that one. Can you just "relax and allow" the Universe to give you what you want? We all have stories of how we just "let go" of an area of our life or some problem we had in our life and needed the Universe just to go over in the most perfect way. We're going to take a look at those points and see if we can use those as touch stones for the area of relationships. We're going to connect those together. Are your expectations keeping you from happiness? If your expectations are from your head and not your heart then they could be getting in your way. We're going to talk about that and figure out where they are coming from. We don't want to micro-manage the Universe. That energy works so perfectly and there are huge gifts when we just stop thinking about how everything has to arrive in a certain way or have a certain look. We're going to talk about the magic of the Universe and how to allow that in.

Week number seven is talking about self-love, self-esteem and understanding how amazing you are, how to love yourself first. We're going to talk about believing in yourself. We're going to be doing things like doing a book of positive aspects on you. Yes, I said that, on you. We're going to talk more about, like I said, self-love. There are certain steps we can do to get your self-esteem up to the point where you can allow. The Law of Attraction has a real hard time working with someone whose self-esteem is low. We're going to make sure all of you are right where you need to be with your self-esteem so that the Universe can bring you the gifts that you are asking for.

Week number eight is one of my favorites. I really believe that it is the key, for me personally in my life. It's been one of the biggest Law of Attraction tools that I have used for many, many years. It's daydreaming. I know that seems trivial and might sound childish but I think it can be the most fun part of my day. It's usually, for me, when the house is quiet in the evening and I've usually got a pad and a pencil. I journal my daydreams. I just sit there and imagine myself in the future exactly how I want it to be and I just start writing notes and talking to myself. I get myself all riled up in this energy. Honestly, ever since I started doing that, I've been manifesting so easily. I really want to share this little tip with you. There are some wonderful ways of doing this. I'm pretty sure this is the week we talk about treasure maps. I have given courses on treasure maps at my local Unity church many times. I've got a really cool system on how to do treasure maps. There are some points that you may have never heard of that are really important. For instance, you always want to make sure that you have a picture of yourself smack in the middle of your treasure map. You need to own it. There's a lot of tricks we can do with treasure maps. There's other ways we're going to help you with your daydreaming. We're going to talk about how creation involves creativity. We're going to talk about playfulness and a sense of humor with the Universe and the Universe has a sense of humor with us - looking at the world with child eyes, with an awe and wonder. This is another one of my favorite weeks. It's so much fun.

In week nine, "Practice What You Pray". I am using the word prayer here in a real general way. I'm not trying to get all religious on you. I'm just talking about your thoughts because I really believe that thoughts are prayers and prayers are thoughts. We want to turn opportunities into action. Are you paying attention to the Universe? When the Universe knocks on your door in very strange ways or brings you strange opportunities, are you looking at those with appreciation and wondering what they lead to? What signs are you waiting for and are you missing those signs? You know, following the little trail of bread crumbs that that Universe leads you to your dream. Again, I want to apologize. It is really late here and I really wanted to get this out to you tomorrow so please forgive me for not being 100%. I'm just pooped.

So, week ten - "Living in the Now: Making the Most of the Present". Where are you? Are you living in the now? Are you hanging out in the past? We really want to talk about how important being in the now is while at the same time creating your future. That can be interesting for people who don't have a habit of doing that. It's probably not how our parents and grandparents went through their lives. We're creating a new paradigm. We're pioneers in this area and we go to default mode very easily so we want to talk about how to fine tune that. We want to talk about the hazards of hanging out in the past and we want to talk about just "being" and being in the now.

In week eleven, gratitude. Another one of my favorite subjects. Gratitude equals abundance. We want to learn to see our blessings 24/7. The Universe will give you more to be grateful for the more you are grateful. Gratitude is really what creates manifesting. You need to take a look at what you are focused on. Are you focused on what you have? Are you focused on what you don't have? When it comes to love for so many of you, it's hard to really focus on what you want instead of what you don't have. We're going to practice with that and we're going to talk about how every little thing is a blessing.

Let's see, week number 12 - "Ask and You Shall Receive....Soon: Staying Connected to Source". We're going to talk about impatience and how to stay connected to Source. We're going to talk about how the Universe is not on your time table, it has its own and why impatience equals doubt. We're going to really examdine that. There really is divine timing. What that divine timing has to do with is are you vibrationally lined up for this? There's so much more to this course. For instance, we have a section in this course about forgiveness and I think that is a really important piece. We're going to take a look at past relationships and go into forgiveness. We're going to get you to forgive yourself and and forgive others and let that all go so that you can open up to new relationships. So, that's it. I am very excited about creating this inner circle. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you who are going to join me in the inner circle. It's going to be fun and I am really excited about the success stories that we are going to have. I will get back to you soon and Namaste'.

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